JEFFERS PETROGLYPHS: Education Resources

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April 27, 2015
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JEFFERS PETROGLYPHS: Education Resources

Education is at the heart of the Minnesota Historical Society’s mission. MNHS has a multitude of offerings that help teachers reach their instruction goals while keeping their students engaged. Schoolchildren may explore the rich history of Jeffers Petroglyphs in the following ways:

Field trips to Jeffers Petroglyphs give schoolchildren the opportunity to learn about life on the prairie, tour the carvings and make their own discoveries. History, anthropology, archaeology and biology intertwine as students explore American Indian technological innovations, climate patterns and cultural history such as using an atlatl (spear thrower). Programs are tailor-made to visiting K-12 and meet Minnesota State Academic Standards in social studies and science.

Any school, anywhere, can learn about Jeffers Petroglyphs from MNHS educators via an interactive video conferencing program, “History Live.” Students explore early American Indian culture, discover how American Indian people communicated before the alphabet and discuss how their stories and culture continue to thrive today.

“Northern Lights,” a high-quality, comprehensive social studies textbook and curriculum for Minnesota sixth graders, was revised in 2013 to meet all new sixth-grade state social studies standards, encompassing history, civics, geography and economics. The new edition includes enriched American
Indian content and new content highlighting pre-contact Minnesota.

Chapter 2 “Evidence from the Past” helps students understand the junction between storytelling and physical evidence to help them understand how others lived thousands of years ago. Chapter 3 “Early Dakota” presents background on the Dakota and Chapter 4 “Early Ojibwe” introduces students to the Ojibwe people.