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August 17, 2012
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Then Now Wow Images

These images may be used for editorial purposes in magazines, newspapers and online to promote "Then Now Wow," opening Nov. 23, 2012 at the Minnesota History Center. They may not be used for advertising or promotional efforts.

Please credit Minnesota Historical Society unless otherwise noted.

A modern take on a traditional Dakota tipi where visitors learn about the history and culture of the Dakota people by "virtually" hanging out with visual artist and poet Bobby Wilson (Dakota/Lakota).

A replica of an 1870s sod house that encourages visitors to explore and imagine what it was like being a pioneer on the prairie.

This sod house was located seven miles east of Madison, Minnesota. Mrs. Beret Hagebak is seated in front of the house. Around 1896.

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Grainland play area, where visitors can trace the journey of soy and corn by climbing into a grain elevator and sliding through the chutes.

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A multi-media Soo Line boxcar takes visitors on a ride through southwestern Minnesota with original music by Charlie Parr.

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A computer interactive where users become a Dakota leader negotiating treaties with the U.S. government while learning about the U.S.-Dakota War of 1862.

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A photo essay featuring Worthington, the city with the largest Latino population in Minnesota.

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A multi-sensory underground iron mine where visitors will "descend" into a mine to find, drill and dynamite ore.

This image shows workers at the Fayal underground mine in Eveleth, part of the Mesabi range. 1915.

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Two school room settings where visitors will learn what it was like attending an Indian boarding school in the 1910s and also living and going to school on the Red Lake Reservation today.

Nearby, in the fur trade section, Ojibwe arts and crafts are highlighted including this beaded yoke which would have been stitched onto another garment, probably a woman's jacket or dress.

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An amusing video on the fur trade featuring the trade's main commodity, the beaver.

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Recovered personal effects from the 1894 Hinckley fire including a watch and teaspoon found at the fire.

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Miss Hallie Q. Brown and Mr. Popularity contest, Hallie Q. Brown Center, St. Paul, about 1956.

Hallie Q. Brown was a popular community center in the Rondo neighborhood.

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A Twin Cities streetcar that visitors will "ride" while traveling through time and places along University Avenue.

This image shows streetcar #315 on University Avenue near Snelling, St. Paul. 1953.

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The streetcar will visit stops including a Dillinger gang member house in 1934; an African-American student protest at the U of M in 1969; and the frogtown area where today more than 100 Asian-owned businesses, like Saigon restaurant, have transformed University Avenue.

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The emergency exit door from the school bus that was on the I-35W bridge when it collapsed, signed by all the children and adults aboard the bus, Aug. 1, 2007.

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One of the very first photos of Minnesota, a daguerrotype from 1855 showing tipis in the foreground of what is now downtown Minneapolis.

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