WW1 America: Fast Facts 1914

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January 27, 2017
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WW1 America: Fast Facts 1914

America’s WW1 experience, both at home and abroad, informs the nation we live in today. Here’s a look at America in 1914:

  • The country’s total population is 103 million (323 million today.)
  • About one out of seven people is foreign-born (about the same today.)
  • 90% of Americans are white (just over 62.6% are white today.)
  • One-third of all Americans are younger than 15 (20% of all Americans are younger than 15 today.)
  • The median age is 25 (the median age is nearly 40 today.)
  • More Americans live in rural areas than in cities and towns (more than 80% of Americans reside in cities and suburbs today.)
  • Women make up one-fifth of the paid workforce.
  • Women have full voting rights in 11 states, mostly in the West.
  • The average manufacturing job pays 53 cents an hour.
  • The federal income tax—created by the 16th Amendment to the Constitution—has only been in effect since 1913. Just one in ten Americans pays any income tax.
  • Fewer than one in four adults owns an automobile.
  • About a third of American households have a telephone.
  • There are 16 teams in Major League Baseball (not counting the segregated Negro Leagues.) The westernmost major league city is St. Louis, which supports two teams.