Oliver Kelley Farm Exhibit Trail

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February 15, 2017
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Oliver Kelley Farm Exhibit Trail

On the new Food Trail, visitors can learn where their food comes from by walking this 0.1 mile route and experiencing interactive stations along the way. Five exhibit stations examine the food groups—protein, dairy, fruit, vegetables, grain—that make up the USDA’s MyPlate program through interactive activities and graphics at each stop.

The content is perfect for school groups and families with children age 4-10 to learn how food gets from the farm to the dinner table.

The five stations are:

Open up a model hog to learn where different cuts of pork come from and discover how protein can be found in both animals and plants.

Try “milking” a cow with a modern milking machine or by hand. Then learn how milk can be used to make everything from cheese to ice cream.

Use an apple sorting machine to separate the fruit by size. See how apples and other fruits grow in Minnesota.

Gather a variety of vegetables that grow everywhere from bushes and vines to underground and learn to identify the parts of plants we eat.

Complete a puzzle to see how different grains are used, then spin a zoetrope to see grain production come to life.