Minnesota's Greatest Generation

Minnesota's Greatest Generation Film

"Moving Pictures" was a film competition held in 2006 to 2008. Filmmakers—from students to amateurs to professionals—submitted 10-minute films based on the lives of members of Minnesota’s “Greatest Generation”. At a film festival each October, $10,000 was awarded to five films in various categories. All the short films were screened and became part of the permanent collections of the Minnesota Historical Society.


Best Film of 2008: Mr. Brown

Jim Brown grew up in the Twin Cities during the 1930s and 1940s. As an African-American, he was subjected to numerous insults, indignities and open discrimination. Yet, he persevered to become a Chief Engineer in the Military Sealift Command, an accomplished dancer, an author, father, grandfather and positive force in his community.

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Best Film of 2007: Coming Home

"Coming Home" tells the story of Bill Ehling, a World War II combat veteran who fought in the European theater. Through family photos, historical footage, and glimpses of his hometown, the film relates Bill's memories of war, struggle - and finally - of coming home.

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Best Film of 2006: A Satisfied Life

Ted Wryk, like others of his generation, experienced the Depression, World War II, and the post-war boom with a sense of commitment and purpose. This film explores how Ted's life has been shaped by these defining values, and how these values inspire successive generations to the ideal of a “Satisfied Life.”

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