Transcript for Mill City Museum Field Trip Video

[ Music ]

Male Narrator: Let's talk flour. Oh, not that kind. The kind you've probably already eaten today. The kind of flour that's in...

Girl 1: Cookies.

Boy 1: I ate pizza for breakfast. That has flour in the crust.

Girl 1: Pancakes.

Girl 1: Bread.

Narrator: Did you know Minneapolis used to be the flour milling capital of the world?

Girl 3: Wow! This is cool.

Narrator: This mill, once the largest on the planet, sat near a waterfall on the Mississippi River.

Man 1: Minneapolis! The Mill City!

Narrator: Now it's a place called Mill City Museum.

Boy 2: Oh this feels so weird.

Narrator: Where you'll get your hands wet.

Boy 3: Oh, oh, oh, oh!

Narrator: While learning how water powered the mill.

Man 1: Now loading for the 2 o'clock flour tower!

Narrator: You'll ride an elevator, filled with adventure.

Man 2: We are going to head up and down through all eight floors of the building.

Narrator: And surprises.


Man 4: Fire over here!

Girl 4: There was a big bang.

Narrator: There really was an explosion here. And a big fire too.

Man 5: This building's lost. It's destroyed.

Man 6: And the museum is a new building, built inside the stone walls that were left.

Narrator: A cool place where you can explore what's left of the mill.

Boy 4: It all collapsed.

Narrator: Outside...

Boy 5: Oooh, those windows are broken.

Narrator: And in.

Boy 6: This one goes right here.

Boy 7: Yep, that goes right there.

Narrator: Learn the exciting things that happened here long ago. Like what could cause an entire building to explode?


Boy 8: 18 or 19 workers died here in the explosions.

Narrator: Think about it, talk about it, find out for yourself.

Boy 9: Thank goodness there's H2O.

Narrator: When you visit Mill City Museum!