Lois Glewwe

Company Information

Contact: Lois Glewwe

1514 Waterloo Avenue
South St. Paul, MN 55075

Specialties: Historians, Oral

Training/Experience: I worked as an audio transcriptionist for the medical industry in 2000-2002 and purchased the appropriate transcriptionist equipment at that time. I have since upgraded my system and have concentrated on oral history work in recent years. I am also the author of seven published works of my own on a variety of history topics, many of which required extensive transcription of 19th century script, including most recently over 500 pages of transcribing the 1862 claims of settlers in Minnesota following the 1862 U.S. Dakota War.

Notes: I have worked as an independent transcriptionist of oral history and as a transcriber of 19th century script for several years.I have the appropriate equipment, references and examples for prospective project planners.