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Gratia Countryman

Title: Obituary Notice
Type: Newspaper
Date: July 27, 1953
Source: Minneapolis Morning Tribune

Description: Obituary for Gratia Countryman printed in the Minneapolis Morning Tribune on July 27, 1953.


Miss Countryman, City's Librarian Until 1936, Dies

Gratia Alta Countryman, 87, who devoted her life to bringing books to the people of Minnesota, died Sunday at Duluth, Minn.

Miss Countryman was chief librarian in Minneapolis from 1904 until she was required to retire in 1936 at 70. She then was made librarian emeritus. An honorary title for a retired librarian. During her 32 years as librarian she played a major role in the library's organization and early recognized the need for "bringing the library to the people."

She often said: "This isn't the century when Abraham Lincolns walk 12 miles for a book." And she did something about it.