Trail Support Volunteer

Walk the one to two mile trail at the Historic Site and State Park and report conditions to the site staff. In addition to the benefits offered to all Minnesota Historical Society volunteers, the volunteer in this position will have an opportunity to:

  • Learn about Charles A. Lindbergh and the site, Minnesota history, and Minnesota Historical Society
  • Will enjoy the outdoors while contribute to the maintenance of the Historic Site and State Park


Trail Support: Walk the one to two miles of trails on the property and in the state park and report to site staff the condition of the trails.

  • Commit to walking the trail on a weekly or bi-weekly schedule
  • Report trail conditions based to site staff
  • Will not need to maintain trail


  • Must be able to walk 1 - 2 miles of trails on our property and in the state park
  • Be comfortable in warm, wet, buggy, and dusty conditions where the potential to receive insect bites/stings is present.
  • Be dependable and attentive to detail
  • Good communication skills
  • Enjoy the outdoors and walking
  • Display friendly and respectful behavior with guests
  • Achieve acceptable results on reference checks and a criminal background check, if applicable


Volunteers will receive training and orientation from MNHS staff. Instructions will be provided during the volunteer shift.


Less than an hour with weekly shifts.

Contact for more information. Fill out the application here:

Charles Lindbergh House and Museum
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