Frances Densmore

Susan Windgrow (Makawastewin) with Frances Densmore. Location no. E91.1M r7Frances Densmore was born in 1867 in Red Wing, Minnesota. She studied piano, organ, and harmony at Oberlin Conservatory. Densmore became interested in the music of the Omaha tribe after reading a book about the ethnomusicology of the tribe, and soon pursued the study of Native music herself. In 1905 she visited the Ojibwe bands in Grand Marais and Grand Portage where she started to transcribe the music. Although Densmore began her work in Minnesota, observing and recording the cultures of the Dakota and Ojibwe, she traveled across North America preserving the customs and traditions of many Native American tribes. She was a prolific author, writing over twenty books and 100 articles, and recorded over 2,000 wax cylinders of Native music. Her records preserved a vast amount of Native American music and culture during a period when white settlers were moving into Native lands and encouraging the tribes to adopt Western customs.


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    Note: Microfilm available on Interlibrary Loan.
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  • Frances Densmore Papers
    This archival collection (1926-1939) includes essays, addresses, and articles prepared by Densmore and accompanied by photographs (some taken by Densmore). The papers discuss Dakota and Ojibwe music, ceremonies, stories, and crafts.
    MHS call number: P763; see the green "P" Manuscripts Notebooks for more details (there is 1 box of material), or use an electronic version of the inventory.
  • Benjamin Densmore and Family Papers
    Among the many items by and about women members of the Densmore family are essays, notes, and fragments of articles by Benjamin's daughter, Frances Densmore, on Indian music and other topics.
    MHS call number: A/.D413; see the green Manuscripts Notebooks for a detailed list of boxes (there are 17 boxes of material and 116 oversize items, not all relate to this topic).
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