Library Hours

The Gale Family Library is open to both advance and walk-in research appointments on Thursdays (1-4pm) and Fridays/Saturdays (10am-4pm).

Advance appointments are strongly recommended, but they are not required. Library staff are currently also assisting researchers via the phone, distance services, website, and email.

Holidays and Special Hours

Winter Holidays:

  • Saturday, December 24 (Christmas Eve): Closed
  • Thursday, December 29: Closed for Construction
  • Friday, December 30: Closed for Construction
  • Saturday, December 31: Closed for Construction


Appointments are:

  • Offered:
    • Thursday afternoons (1pm to 4pm)
    • Friday mornings and afternoons (10am to 4pm)
    • Saturday mornings and afternoons (10am to 4pm)
  • Made online or by phone in advance, or on-site as a walk-in appointment.
  • 3 hours long: 10am to 1pm in the mornings, and 1pm to 4pm in the afternoons
  • Can be made in advance via our self-service system
  • The schedule opens on a rolling basis, several weeks out
  • Advance appointments are not required, but are strongly recommended


Advantages of an Advance Appointment:

  • Guaranteed a table/station in the research room of your choice
  • Reserve your table/station for a half or full day
  • Reserve a specific type of microfilm machine (scanner, printer) or a dedicated computer-only station
  • Request materials in advance, so items can be waiting at your table when you arrive
  • Use the link in your confirmation email to request up to 3 items in advance.
  • Email communication in cases of unplanned closures (winter weather, etc.)
  • NEW! Specify if you have particular needs for your work station (near an electrical outlet, accessible table, number of chairs at your table), and we will do our best to accommodate
  • NEW! Indicate if you will be working on a space- or staff-time-intensive type of research. This will help the Library with staffing and preparation.
  • NEW! Make up to 3 appointments per week
  • Make your own appointments up to 4 hours before the start time: Same-day advance appointments may be possible, please call us at 651-259-3300 to see what is available!

If you do not see any available appointments in the system for a particular day, we are either closed or all appointments have already been claimed by other researchers.

If you have a true research emergency (e.g. an immediate court filing deadline) and cannot find an appointment time, please call us at 651-259-3300. We will do our best to help you.

For Walk-in Researchers:

  • You can arrive anytime we are open on a given day (note: we stop pulling materials from the stacks 30 minutes before we close.)
  • We cannot guarantee a table, work station, or particular type of equipment will be available.
  • You cannot request materials in advance or hold materials for another day without an advance appointment
  • You may have to switch tables/stations mid-day to accommodate those with advance appointments on particular stations or types of equipment.

In the microfilm room:

  • For microfilm reader-printers or scanners we strongly recommend that you make a reservation. These machines are in heavy demand and may not be available to walk-in researchers.
  • A number of the older-style microfilm viewers are available on a reserved or a first-come-first-served basis. These machines are not able to print or save to a USB drive. Users at viewers can also use shared machines:
    • Two reader-printers reserved for brief use
    • One scanner that can be used for thirty minutes at a time in order to save digital files to USB (researchers are responsible for bringing their own drives).
  • There is also the option to use a phone or a camera to capture images from microfilm viewers.
  • There is a maximum total of 30 people in the microfilm room at a time, including staff.
  • If you think an on-site appointment is the best option for your project, we recommend using our self-service system to make an appointment.


    Need other assistance? Please contact us via:

    See our research self-help page for quick answers to the most commonly asked questions.