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1962 Gubernatorial Recount

Republican Party (Minn.). State Central Committee


Box 105

Newspaper clippings:

            1962: November

            1962: December

            1963 (2 folders)

Minnesota voting results, 1954-1962

Directory of Minnesota Municipal Officials

Minnesota Township List (2 folders)

County auditors

Village and township clerks: Districts 1-8 (3 folders)

Election clerks and judges: Districts 2, 5-8

Poll watchers (challengers)

Staff organization

Recount procedures:

            Staff memoranda and notes


Bulletins and memoranda: County and district leadership; field men

Status reports; News releases; Petersen recount; Miscellaneous

Inspectors, recommended names:



Recount teams; Inspectors (GOP, DFL, neutral)



            Training kits

            Work kit

Box 106



            Inspectors cost protection sheets

            Inspectors expense vouchers

            Inspectors days worked:

                        Auditors certification of

                        Correspondence regarding

                        Payment and tabulations

            Inspectors payment correspondence

Election procedures questionnaires

County worksheets

Back-up files:

            Canvassing Board results, miscellaneous

            Districts 1, 2, and 6

            Counties A-W (15 folders)

Box 107

Precincts to watch: Districts 1-8 (8 folders)

Official precinct screening reports:

            State summary

            County summaries (2 folders)

            Statistical summaries (2 folders)

Inspectors’ official precinct reports:

            State summary

            County summaries (5 folders)

Official precinct screening reports, Inspectors’ official precinct reports, Governor Andersen recount precinct reports:

            Aitkin – Brown counties (22 folders)

Box 108

            Carlton – Douglas counties (38 folders)

Box 109

            Faribault – suburban Hennepin + M counties (42 folders)

Box 110

            Suburban Hennepin + N – Lyon counties (38 folders)

Box 111

            McLeod – Ottertail counties (39 folders)

Box 112

            Pennington – Red Lake counties (39 folders)

Box 113

            Redwood – Scott counties (41 folders)

Box 114

            Sherburne – Wright counties (38 folders)

Box 115

            Yellow Medicine County (2 folders)

Recount results:

            Andersen/Rolvaag disputed/undisputed ballot tally

            Daily summaries (3 folders)

            Daily telephone reports

            Errors and changes

Kunzig report on election irregularities

Kunzig review of Andersen precinct reports (2 folders)

Precinct report review:

            Counties A – Y (2 folders)

            Districts 1 – 8 (3 folders)

            Apparent discrepancies

            Obvious Andersen plus errors

            Absentee ballots and miscellaneous

Inspectors’ precinct report review:

            Improper sealing of ballots

            More ballots than voters [overages] (2 folders)

            Fewer ballots than voters [underages]

            Overages and underages: Summaries

            Absentee ballot results: Machine districts

            Disputed absentee ballots: Paper districts

            More absentee ballots than return envelopes

Disputed ballots:

            Memoranda regarding

            Tabulation by category:

                        State summaries

                        Counties A – Y (2 folders)


            Reports of investigations

            Percentage of total vote


Box 116

Disputed ballots:

            [Series A] – Categories 1-15; 17-20; 22-23 (9 folders)

            [Series B] – Categories 1-9 (10 folders)

Box 117

            [Series B] – Categories 10-24 (28 folders)

            Group D

Bills of particulars:

            Rolvaag and Andersen (3 folders)

Box 118

            Rolvaag – Counties A – W (6 folders)

            Andersen – Counties A – W (10 folders)

            Andersen – Spoiled and absentee ballots


            Legal documents (5 folders)

Box 119

            Transcript of Proceedings (22 folders)

“After Careful Consideration,” statement by Elmer L. Andersen, March 23, 1963