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Minnesota History magazine provides history lovers with intriguing stories about Minnesota’s past in full-color, richly illustrated print and digital formats.

  • In-depth articles
  • Lively short features
  • Stunning historic photographs and artwork

The magazine is published four times a year as a benefit of MNHS membership and is also available by subscription.

Cover of current issue

Current Issue: Spring 2018

Featured in this Issue:

  • From Cooperative Commonwealth to Yardstick Capitalism: Midland's Evolving Vision of Cooperation in Mid-Century Minnesota
  • Somalis in Minnesota
  • The Power of History
  • "What Do You Do With Your Leisure Time?": Women's Athletic Cultures at St. Olaf College
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Previous Issues

Cover of Winter 2017-2018 Winter 2017-1018
  • Dinkytown Before Dylan: Gene Bluestein and the Minneapolis Folk Music Revival of the 1950s
  • "It's Comradeship That Counts!": How "Our Little Minnesota Nurse" Helped Create the State's First National Cemetery
  • The Trailer Park that Became a City: Hilltop and the Importance of Mobile Home Parks as Endangered Historic Places
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Cover of Fall 2017 Fall 2017
  • Early Social Workers as Disaster Relief Workers: The Minnesota Fires of 1918 and the Work of the Red Cross
  • Rare Territorial Maps Added to MNHS Collections
  • Slaveholder Investment in Territorial Minnesota
  • Shapers of Modern America: The WW1 America Mural
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Cover of Summer 2017 Summer 2017
  • Loyalty Within Racism - The Segregated Sixteenth Battalion of the Minnesota Home Guard During World War I
  • Reproducing Textiles for the James J. Hill House
  • Unwed Mothers at Booth Memorial Hospital 1961-63
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