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Minnesota History magazine provides history lovers with intriguing stories about Minnesota’s past in full-color, richly illustrated print and digital formats.

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The magazine is published four times a year as a benefit of MNHS membership and is also available by subscription.

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Current Issue: Summer 2022

  • “Last Chance Liquor ’til South Dakota”: County Option in Minnesota, 1915–1965
  • A Stranger in a Strange Land: Charles Joseph Latrobe and a Visit to Fort Snelling, 1833
  • MNHS Press Book Excerpt: When Minnehaha Flowed with Whiskey: A Spirited History of the Falls

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Previous Issues

Spring 2022
  • Righting a Wrong: Eighty Years Since the Order That Put Japanese Americans Behind Barbed Wire
  • Answering Lincoln’s Call: Hamline University Students and Staff Confront the Civil War
  • From the Archives: William B. Riley and the Fight Against Teaching of Evolution in Minnesota

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Winter 2021–22
  • Minnesota’s Acid Rain Story: A Legacy of Leadership
  • Letters to Hilda: “Swede Girls,” Domestic Service, and Life as a Newcomer in Minneapolis, 1913–1914
  • From the Archives: The Rise of Organized Labor in Minnesota

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Fall 2021
  • Sam Haugdahl and the New Sweden Creamery: World Champion Butter Maker
  • The Vermilion Lake Indian School: From Assimilation to Termination
  • The Minneapolis League of Catholic Women: Engaging in the Larger World
  • MNHS Press Book Excerpt: Confluence: A History of Fort Snelling

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