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Archaeology Conservation

General Conservation Guidelines for the Field and the Lab

It is best to take a minimal and cautious approach to treating objects. Oftentimes, it is best to do nothing at all to an object and suffer a minor loss than to use a risky and dangerous treatment and lose the entire object and its intrinsic information.

BE PREPARED!! Make the effort to know what objects and materials may be recovered, and have the proper supplies and equipment on hand. Contact a qualified professional archaeological conservator for advice before you go into the field.

See references:

Dont hesitate to contact a conservator when you encounter a recovery problem that is beyond your knowledge or experience.

Please contact the Daniels Object Conservation Laboratory directly if you have any questions regarding materials to be deposited with MHS under a repository agreement. Contact:

paul.storch@mnhs.org (651) 259-3381 or
tom.braun@mnhs.org (651) 259-3382

General numbers for MHS Conservation are: 1-800-657-3773 or 651-259-3388.

To request permission to process C14 samples, refit artifacts, or perform other types of treatments or tests on collections from state property to be curated at MHS, complete a Treatment Request Form: