Manuscripts Collection

Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender

Since the 1970s the Society has been actively engaged in seeking to preserve the papers, photographs, artworks, publications, and artifacts that document the history of Minnesota's Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender citizens. Resources are available at the Minnesota History Center to those wishing to study the history of Minnesota's GLBT community. A representative sample of the Society's most important GLBT manuscript collections follows.

Personal Papers

  • Brian Coyle (1965-91)
    Elected official and AIDS victim.
  • Thom Higgins (1950-94)
    Activist and organizer, includes documentation of the famous 1977 incident in which he hit Anita Bryant with a pie.
  • Trina Porte (1968-1999)
    Diaries, correspondence, high school and college papers, poetry, and activism files documenting the childhood, young adulthood, education, family dynamics, romantic relationships, sexual orientation, and protest activities of a Minneapolis lesbian and radical feminist.
  • Wallace Swan (1975-94)
    Public administrator, reflects his active role in the Minneapolis gay community as a parent, church member, patron of the arts, and civil rights advocate.
  • Leo Treadway (1971-95)
    Documents his work with secular and religious organizations advancing gay rights and human justice issues.

Organizational Records