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Oral History Collection

Red River Valley Sugarbeet Industry Oral History Project

This project documents the growth of the sugarbeet industry in Minnesota's Red River Valley, the dominance of the American Crystal Sugar Company in that market, and the company's subsequent purchase by the Red River Valley Sugarbeet Growers Association (RRVSBGA). Topics include the early years of beet farming; American Crystal Sugar Company practices and policies; labor recruitment and worker conditions; the role of county agents and American Crystal fieldmen; crop research; the evolution of machinery; lobbying efforts in Washington and St. Paul to aid the fledgling Sugar Growers Association; activities of that and other associations of sugarbeet growers; the Sugarbeet Growers Institute; and Crystallized Facts, a newsletter distributed to beet growers.

Original interview cassettes and transcripts are housed at the Northwest Minnesota Historical Center in Moorhead. The Minnesota Historical Society received copies of the transcripts in return for financial support of the project through the state grants-in-aid program.

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