Transcript for First Avenue Video


Sophia Eris: You are part of history every time you step in this venue.

Craig Finn: It's the location where I fell in love with rock and roll. I just couldn't get enough.


Dan Corrigan: It opened up as a discotheque.

[disco music]

Kevin Cole: It's amazing seeing all these artifacts and all this cool stuff.


P.O.S: Playing at First Avenue was the only goal I had in my life as a young musician.

PaviElle: To share this same musical history and lineage with these people, that's absolutely amazing. 

I'm right around the corner from the icon! Prince and PaviElle! That's what's up! [laughs]

Tony Oliveri: So cool. Just a total walk down memory lane.

Dayna Frank: It's pretty amazing that a little club in Minnesota has gotten to 50 years.

Slug: This is still the venue in this city.

Lori Barbero: Without First Avenue, forget about it. We'd have to go to Chicago. We'd have to go to maybe even Iowa.

[laughs] God.

[chalkboard writing] [guitar noise]