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The 1968 Exhibit

Now – January 21, 2019

The Vietnam War, protests, assassinations were in the news. Peace signs, love-ins, psychedelic rock were on the scene. From the darkest hours to the incredible highs, see a landmark year come alive.

Somalis + Minnesota.

Somalis + Minnesota

Now – June 9, 2019

Explore powerful objects, photos, and stories of the Somali American community and their history — from baadiye to Mogadishu to Somali life in Minnesota today.

Community exhibit

States of Incarceration: A National Dialogue of Local Histories.

States of Incarceration: A National Dialogue of Local Histories

November 20, 2018–February 18, 2019
FREE — No museum admission required

This traveling exhibit explores the roots of mass incarceration in our own communities to open a national dialogue on what should happen next.

Also on view

Minnesota's Greatest Generation.

Minnesota's Greatest Generation

Board a C-47 and join a combat flight on D-Day, get behind the counter of a 1930s soda fountain, view classic film clips in a vaudeville theater, pack WWII ammunition shells, and step into the stories of an inspiring generation.

Then Now Wow.

Then Now Wow

Blast for iron ore, crawl into a tipi, plow a field, visit a sod home, board a street car, trade at the fur post, sing in a box car, discover all the parts of a buffalo, and so much more in this action-packed exhibit. Fun for kids of all ages!

Upcoming exhibits

The First Avenue Exhibit.

The First Avenue Exhibit

Opens May 4, 2019

Your ticket to the scenes, sounds, and stories of a landmark club that put Minnesota music on the map. Meet the musicians, the staff, and the regulars — and look back at how the scene has evolved over five decades.