Lower Sioux Agency

Lower Sioux Agency community tipi in morning sunlight.

Where the US-Dakota War broke out

Morning sunlight shines on Lower Sioux Agency community tipi in forest.

Where the US-Dakota War broke out

As the Civil War raged on in the South, tensions between the Dakota and the newly formed Minnesota government erupted at this site in 1862.

This historic site is managed by the Lower Sioux Indian Community.

Lower Sioux Agency warehouse in the afternoon sunlight.

What to see and do

A Dakota history exhibit in Lower Sioux Agency.

Learn about Dakota culture and history, and examine the causes of the US-Dakota War. Here you’ll find:

  • A Dakota history exhibit
  • Restored 1861 US government building
  • Scenic Minnesota River trails
  • Museum store featuring Native American books and gifts
  • Weekend programs on Dakota life and nature

A war of last resort

In the years following the signing of the Mendota and Traverse des Sioux treaties of 1851, tensions mounted as the US government failed to make payments and provide the food and supplies promised to the Dakota people.

A painting of a war in which soldiers are on horses and fighting with guns.