Visitor Conduct Policy

Statement of Policy

Visitors to the Minnesota Historical Society (MNHS) are entitled to a safe, respectful, and educational experience, free of harassment and disruption, at all MNHS-administered sites. MNHS Workforce is entitled to workplace safety and the ability to perform their duties without disruption. To ensure such an experience for everyone, MNHS prohibits disruptive, dangerous, or distressing conduct by guests as defined by this Visitor Conduct Policy. 

MNHS welcomes visitors regardless of race, color, national origin, religion, sex, disability, age, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, or any other status protected by federal, state, or other applicable laws. 


This policy applies to all visitors at MNHS-administered properties. 


Visitor Rights 

Visitors to MNHS sites have the right to a safe, respectful, and educational experience free of disruption. This policy prohibits conduct and unacceptable behavior that interferes with this basic visitor right. 

Nothing in the Policy is intended to prohibit visitor constitutional free speech or free assembly rights on any public areas adjacent to a MNHS site or the normal, non-disruptive discussion of historical, political or personal views on site. Such discussion is part of the historical dialogue inspired by MNHS sites and programs.

Any visitor who encounters a violation of this Policy is asked to promptly report the situation to MNHS Workforce on site, who will enforce this policy as set forth below.

Prohibited Conduct/Unacceptable Behavior

MNHS prohibits unacceptable behavior by visitors that is incompatible with the safe, respectful and educational use of MNHS sites by its other visitors or its staff.  Prohibited conduct/Unacceptable behavior includes, but is not limited to:

  • Disrupting by word or action MNHS operations or programs. 
  • Intentionally behaving by word or action to disturb, distress, harass, or injure others or oneself. 
  • Damaging, removing, or endangering MNHS property and/or collections. 
  • Entering restricted areas and/or intentionally blocking public access. 
  • Unauthorized soliciting. While MNHS recognizes visitors’ right to peaceful, non-disruptive expression on sidewalks or parking areas, MNHS prohibits posting or distributing any sign, petition, notice, ad, pamphlet, or other print materials, inside a historical site without advance permission from MNHS Workforce on site. 
  • Flash photography, use of video lighting, selfie sticks, tripods, drones or other video equipment without advance permission from MNHS Workforce on site. 
  • Any actions or communications with the intended or actual effect of representing a visitor as affiliated with MNHS in any way, such as adults wearing historical costumes and/or period attire, without advance permission from MNHS Workforce on site.
  • Refusal to follow any other MNHS policies or rules, including written rules or instructions posted at MNHS sites, or requests or directions communicated by MNHS Workforce.

This is not an all-inclusive list and MNHS reserves all rights to make specific determinations of unacceptable or disruptive behavior.

Violation and Enforcement 

MNHS reserves the right to refuse admission, revoke membership, control occupancy, or eject/remove any person without refund for any reason it deems necessary, including prohibited conduct or unacceptable behavior as determined solely by MNHS. Any person or persons who refuse to leave when asked or instructed by MNHS staff may be issued a Notice of Trespass from the property and barred from returning to the Site for a period of up to one year, pursuant to Minn. Stat. § 609.605, Subd. 1(b)(8). Law enforcement may be contacted regarding any person or persons who refuse to leave upon direction of MNHS staff or who continue to display unacceptable behavior as determined solely by MNHS.

MNHS Workforce on site are authorized to determine whether a visitor has violated this policy and make the initial determination regarding what enforcement action to take, including any discussed in the previous paragraph.  

MNHS reserves the right to take violation and enforcement actions against a guest group when one or more members of the group displays prohibited conduct.

Any visitor who believes he, she or they have been wrongfully subject to an enforcement action under this Policy should provide their reasons in writing to:

Senior Director, Historic Sites & Facilities Operations
Minnesota Historical Society
345 West Kellogg Boulevard
St. Paul, MN 55102

MNHS in its sole discretion will make the determination of the complaint, and any resulting action.

Adult Chaperones or Supervisors 

Any adult chaperone or supervisor of a group of students or youth is expected to assist in ensuring the group’s compliance with this policy, and to assist in enforcement of the policy if asked by MNHS Workforce on site.


The Prohibited Conduct identified in this policy are posted on the MNHS website and may be made available in print at specific MNHS-administered properties. In addition, any site-specific rules are posted at MNHS-administered properties where they apply. 

Any visitor observing or subject to prohibited conduct/unacceptable behavior is asked to refrain from personal action but rather report the conduct to MNHS On Site Workforce staff.

Terms and Definitions

MNHS: The Minnesota Historical Society.  

Visitor: Anyone at an MNHS-administered property who is not an employee, volunteer, or intern of MNHS.

MNHS Workforce: MNHS employees, volunteers, interns, and administrative staff.

Disruption (or “disrupt,” “disruptive”): Situations or conduct that, as determined by the MNHS, inhibit the ability of MNHS Workforce to perform their duties or the ability of other visitors to engage with programs, operations, and/or services.

MNHS Administered Properties: Historic sites in section (MN Statute) 138.662 constitute the state historic site network, Minnesota History Center and Library, and adjunct properties. The sites are significant state resources that MNHS is preserving, developing, interpreting, and maintaining for public use, benefit, and access during open hours.

Additional Resources

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Revision History

04/02/2019 - Approved by the MNHS Management Team as an Administrative Policy. 
04/27/2023 - Revisions approved by the MNHS Executive Council.