Minnehaha Depot

Exterior of a train depot.

A princess of transportation history

Exterior of a train depot in noon sunshine.

A princess of transportation history

Minnehaha Depot, famous for its intricate “gingerbread” canopy, was an integral part of the first rail line out of Minneapolis. Known as the “Princess” by rail workers of the time, it served both local Minneapolis residents as well as visitors from “out east.”

This site is managed by the Minnesota Transportation Museum.

The station is open 1:00—5:00 pm on Sundays, May 28 through September 4, 2023, and Memorial Day, Independence Day, and Labor Day. 

Minnehaha Park Hwy 55 & Minnehaha Parkway Minneapolis, MN 55417
minnehahadepot@mnhs.org | 651-228-0263

Minnehaha Depot in late afternoon sunshine.

What to see and do

Placard in front of depot building.

Take a trip to this historic railroad depot and see the intricate detailing of the building while you learn about the role of the railroad in the growth of Minnesota.

A welcoming sight for travelers of all kinds

From Minneapolis day trippers, to Army soldiers, to businessmen and freight from the East Coast, this charming depot welcomed travelers near and far during an early era of the city’s growth.

A man operating a train, black and white photo.