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In Their Own Words: "Assembly Line" Bathtime

Filomeno and Rose Cocchiarella with Michelina Frascone

Dick and Angie Krismer
472 Hopkins, 1956-1967
Dick and Angie Krismer and their four children lived in 472 Hopkins Stret from 1956-1967

Audio Transcript

"When I'd give the kids a bath, I would take all four of 'em and I’d put 'em all in according to age. The twins would be way in the back, then Peggy, and then Dick would be way up by the faucets. Then, I’d give them all a bath. I started with Dick, wash him up. She'd be at the door with the towels. When I’d get Dick, I’d stand him up on the toilet. She’d wipe him down, put his diaper and jammies back on. Then we went to Peggy."

"It was an assembly line. It really was."