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In Their Own Words: "What the Heck is the Matter with You?"

Michelina and Russell Frascone Wedding Photo

Michelina Frascone
470 Hopkins, 1932-1956
Michelina moved into 470 Hopkins St. in 1932, shortly after she and her mother arrived in America from Italy. Michelina went on to marry and raise her family in the house until 1956, when they moved to Hazel Park.

Audio Transcript

"At first, I didn't care to get married. I was going to be a nun. Well then, my mother said, ‘If I had more daughters, it would be okay. But I just have you.’ So I wasn't meant to be a nun.

"My mother one time said when I came home, ‘Did he ask you to go with him?’ ‘Yes,’ I said, ‘but I said no.’ She said, well what to do you want. She liked him, you know. She said, ‘What the heck is the matter with you? He's a nice boy. Marry him.’

"So we've been married for 58 years. I never regretted the fact. I don't know who else would have put up with me."