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In Their Own Words: Real Estate Dreams

Filomeno and Rose Cocchiarella with Michelina Frascone

Elizabeth Young
Current owner of 470 Hopkins
Elizabeth Young is the current owner of 470 Hopkins Street. Her parents, Pang Toua Yang and Mee Vang, lived in the house from 2002-04

Audio Transcript

"I went to school to be in real estate business and I heard that real estate, you never [lose]. I thought, yes, that’s good idea. That’s how I became real estate investor. We just continue buy property once every year.

"My dad and my mom, they don’t believe real estate. They say, ‘A lot of people do real estate and they get sick quicker because they work too hard. They do too much fixing. They not make any money.’ But I believe in my heart that if I have hands and if I have feet, if I had a little money, I could do it. And I did and they really pleased now. They be able to live in my apartment and now they living for free. They not paying anything."