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In Their Own Words: Tinucci Family Dinner

Grace and Alfred Tinucci Wedding photoGrace Tinucci
Married Alfred Tinucci, resident of 470 Hopkins, 1927-1932

Audio Transcript

"She had Italian food, regular Italian food and everything. She was a wonderful cook.She had a lot of old stuff from the old country.She set the table very fancy and everything. She always did it that way, even when she didn’t have company.

"When I first walked in there, he told his mother, ‘That’s the girl I’m going to marry.’ I was only about eighteen. I didn’t say anything because I didn’t know how she’d respond, you know. I didn’t say nothing. But his mother told me, ‘The Tinucci family when they love somebody, they really love them. You got to make sure that you love him, too.’

"That’s true. He was the most lovable man. He would never go to bed without kissing me and saying, ‘Goodnight.’ Never. Always."