In Their Own Words: The Wine press

Dominic D'Aloia, car repairman, great Northern Railroad

Jerry D'Aloia
Michelina and Russell Frascone
Jerry D'Aloia was born at 470 Hopkins St. in 1932 and lived there until 1956.

Russell Frascone married Jerry's sister, Michelina, and they raised their family in the house-on the other side of the duplex-from 1943-1956.

Audio Transcript

Michelina Frascone: "My uncle and my father made a wine press [in the basement] for making wine. They used to make over 200 gallons a year."

Jerry D'Aloia: "That press was again as big as this table. You could throw three or four barrels of grapes in there at one time.

Russell Frascone: "The best wine press in the whole neighborhood. It was made all out of cement."

Jerry D'Aloia: "And railroad ties for the bases. They used 10-ton house jacks to squeeze the grapes out. It was really something. They would buy the grapes from Damiani. They'd make enough for a whole entire year. That wine was the sweetest thing you ever drank in your life when it came out freshly fermented. It was green as green, you know what I mean. You don't want to drink too much of it."