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Illustration of ball player on frozen river. Land of 10,000 Frozen Lakes
Despite the state slogan, Minnesota is actually a land of 11,842 lakes. more
destroyed building after a tornado struck the main street of Tyler, Minnesota Enduring the Worst
Part of being a Minnesotan means coping with weather at its most dramatic extremes. more
photograph of an early, crude snowmobile Breaking Trail
Until the great St. Paul winter carnivals of the late 1880s, Minnesotans did not particularly think of frigid weather as a cause for frivolity. more
boating down the Minnesota River in an early Seth Eastman drawing Fresh Breeze Out of the Northwest
Early in the morning of Sept. 22, 1805, in the area that would become Minneapolis and St. Paul, the sky was clear and there was a fresh breeze out of the northwest. more
record temperatures written in chalk from a 1950s WCCO television weather report Television Weather
P. J. Hoffstrom–known as "Hawf" and by trade a cartoonist for the St. Paul Pioneer Press–became KSTP's first television weatherman in 1948. more
a photo of the St. Paul Winter Carnival tobaggan ride Winter Carnivals
By the early 1880s, St. Paul was the third-largest rail center in the country, but most Americans saw the city as remote and its climate inhospitable. more
a photograph of a woman in a boat on a Minnesota lake Too Hot, Went to Lake
Summer weather in Minnesota means heat and humidity, provoking the next thought: finding water. more
a photograph of a boy roasting a marshmallow in the family fireplace The Rest of the Story
"From a scenic standpoint, Minnesota bows to none," the state tourist bureau claimed in the early 1930s. more