Harkin Store

An authentic 1871 general store

Goods such as dishes, bolts of material, bottles of medicine, and crocks sit on shelves inside the Harkin Store.

An authentic 1871 general store

Harkin Store, an 1870s general store, was once the social center of the community where townsfolk and farmers gathered to buy groceries, barter for supplies, and exchange news.

A father and son crouch down outside to look at a large antique bell.

What to see and do

Explore the grounds of an 1870s general store.

While the store building is currently closed, you can take a self-guided tour outside the store and attached home. The grounds are open daily from dawn until dusk.

A time when river towns prospered

The Harkin Store and the family who ran it saw the town of West Newton grow from a sleepy farming community to a bustling commercial center, enjoying prosperity and enduring hardships along the way.

A black and white photo of workers at a log splitter.