Daily Experience

Here’s what you can see, do, and experience during regular hours at the historic fort.

Bdote, the junction of the Mississippi and Minnesota Rivers.

Orientation film

All day

Watch the short film “Where the Waters Meet: Historic Fort Snelling at Bdote” for an introduction to the history of this area as Dakota homeland and as the site of the historic fort built above the confluence of the rivers.

An exhibit space featuring historical objects and photos at Fort Snelling.


All day

See free exhibits in the visitor center that will enhance your perspective about this site’s history, and why it is still relevant today.

Three people walking in to a building.

Self-guided tours

All day

Explore the many buildings of the historic fort, inside and out, at your own pace.

A group of visitors gathers around a tour guide on the grounds of Fort Snelling.

Guided theme tours

Schedules and programs subject to change.

  • Landscape of Bdote (30 minutes) — Learn about the importance of the site’s location in the Dakota worldview, culture, and communities.
    Tuesday - Friday at 3:30 pm, Saturday - Sunday at 4:30 pm.
  • "Remembering the US-Dakota War of 1862" Conversation Tour (30 minutes) — Explore the role played by Fort Snelling in the US-Dakota War and its aftermath, and see locations that connect to the conflict.
    Tuesday - Friday at 11:30 am, Saturday - Sunday at 12:30 pm.
  • Women's Stories (30 minutes) — Learn about the women who lived at Fort Snelling in the 1800s, and how their experiences at the Fort were influenced by race, class and marital status.
    Tuesday - Friday at 1:30 pm, Saturday - Sunday at 2:30 pm.
A family listens as a Fort Snelling staff person talks about historic objects displayed on a table.

Activity stations

All day

Explore themes and topics in-depth at interpretive stations located throughout the historic site. Interpreters will engage you in activities and conversations about Dakota homeland, immigration, soldiers, race, healing, and more — helping you draw connections between past and present.

Four interpreters dressed as soldiers walk in formation.


Watch scheduled and ongoing demonstrations by costumed and non-costumed interpreters. Some of the demos invite you to try out activities for yourself! 

Schedules and programs subject to change.

  • All day:
    Hearth cooking and blacksmithing.
  • At specific times (see schedule posted in the visitor center):
    Military tactics (musket/cannon), baseball/rounders, slavery and civil rights, children’s games, and laundry technology.

Demonstration schedules

Demonstrations last approximately 20 minutes.

Tuesday - Friday

Time Activity
10:30 am Children's Games 
11:00 am Artillery & Infantry Drills 
11:30 am U.S. Dakota War of 1862 Tour 
Noon Baseball
12:30 pm Laundry
1:00 pm Physical Training/Therapy
1:30 pm Women's Stories Tour
2:00 pm Artillery & Infantry Drills
2:30 pm Children's Games
3:00 pm Shinny Game
3:30 pm Landscape Walking Tour

Saturday - Sunday

Time Activity
10:30 am Laundry
11:00 am Baseball Game
11:30 am Children's Games
Noon Artillery & Infantry Drills
12:30 pm

U.S. Dakota War of 1862 Tour

1:00 pm Baseball Game
1:30 pm Laundry
2:00 pm Physical Training/Therapy
2:30 pm Women's Stories Tour
3:00 pm Artillery & Infantry Drills
3:30 pm Children's Games
4:00 pm Shinny Game
4:30 pm Landscape Walking Tour