Transcript for A New Vision for Historic Fort Snelling

Transcript for A New Vision for Historic Fort Snelling

Female narrator: Before Minnesota became Minnesota there was a place, a confluence of two great rivers, where cultures and civilizations crossed for thousands of years. Where something new was imagined. A remote American outpost built. A place of pride and sorrow.

Gabrielle Tateyuskanskan: It's a place of rebirth and birth, but it's also a place of great tragedy.

Female narrator: Historic Fort Snelling, Minnesota's first National Historic Landmark. In 2020, Fort Snelling will be 200 years old. In time for its bicentennial, we have a new expanded vision for this site, where visitors connect with each other, with the many stories that bind us together, with the natural beauty of this extraordinary place.

Our plan includes a new visitor center to replace inadequate and aging facilities, places for private reflection and public remembrance, a re-imagined visitor experience sharing more complete stories of the diverse people who shaped our state and country.

Interpreter: Did you find it surprising that we did actually have slaves here at Fort Snelling?

Female narrator: Stories of the many soldiers who prepared here to fight for America. Soldiers who are buried nearby.

With new investment Historic Fort Snelling will attract more of the millions who pass through this busy corridor every year by sharing an American story told nowhere else.

With its bicentennial on the horizon, help us realize the potential of this unique place and position Historic Fort Snelling for the next century and beyond.