Farm Lab

Explore Minnesota's agriculture through outdoor exhibits, modern crops and animals, and machinery.

Cupped hands holding red, orange, yellow, and green tomatoes and two zucchini

Farm Lab garden

Explore the wide variety of fruits and vegetables that grow in Minnesota, like beans, tomatoes, and squash. Discover many new hybrids and varieties that have developed since Kelley’s time. This year, see a 1968-era garden as well as gardens from the World War I era. Help tend and harvest the crops throughout the year.

sheep looking at you

Farm Lab barn

Meet Minnesota raised livestock that provide our meat, dairy, eggs, and wool, and learn about the modern livestock industry.

Closeup of a row of soybeans

Farm Lab crops

Wander among nearly 10 acres of crops commonly grown in Minnesota, such as corn and soybeans. Discover how these crops are used for food and many other products.