Media Duplication Services

Learn how to access and purchase audio/video/film materials from the Gale Family Library.

I want to:

Purchasing copies for personal use

  1. Figure out what you want
  2. Submit a media duplication service request online
    • Library staff will determine if the requested media can be duplicated
    • If the requested media can be duplicated, a quote will be emailed to you within 5 business days (to estimate costs, see copying and delivery fees)
    • If the item cannot be duplicated, library staff will contact you
  3. Submit payment
    • Quote will contain a link to our online store. Use this to make payment online via credit card.
    • To pay offline via check, respond to the quote message and we will send instructions
  4. Delivery
    • Digital files or CDs/DVDs are normally sent within 5 to 10 business days
    • Digital delivery (watermarked MP4 file) via FTP
    • CD or DVD shipped via USPS (additional shipping charges apply)

Purchasing copies for production or public use

If you don’t know what materials you want to use, order a pre-production (personal/research use) copy first or visit the library to view/listen to items you are considering.

  1. Contact us about exactly what you want to use:
    • Contact to apply for permission to use
    • We will review your request and contact you regarding approval or denial
    • Approved requests require additional use agreement paperwork be completed prior to delivery
  2. If permission to use is granted, we will send you a media duplication service quote, including:
  3. Delivery
    • Digital files will be sent within 5 business days after payment is received and use agreements are completed


Media duplication costs will include one or both of the following:

  1. Copying fee
    • This is the cost for the actual copying/duplicating/digitizing of the audio or video item
    • Cost per item, based on original format:
      Format type Fee (per item)
      Audio cassettes, CDs $10
      VHS and other videocassette types $25
      Film prints (16mm)


      $50 (ONLY available as MP4 or on DVD, watermarked for pre-production/personal-research use)


    • There is no copying fee for items that are already digitized (library staff will determine if item is already digitized)
  2. Delivery fee
    • $15 digital delivery via FTP
    • $18.50 CD or DVD shipped via UPS

Cost examples

  • A 16mm film sent digitally: $65 ($50 copying fee + $15 delivery fee)
  • A VHS put onto DVD, mailed via USPS: $43.50 ($25 copying fee + $18.50 delivery fee)
  • An already-digitized oral history sent digitally: $15 delivery fee

Use fees

Use fees for film/video are charged per 30-second increments:

  • $250 TV network (Minnesota nonprofits, Minnesota media)
  • $250 TV public (worldwide)
  • $125 TV public (Minnesota nonprofits, Minnesota media)
  • $750 TV worldwide
  • $150 educational (film festivals, schools, libraries)
  • $1,000 commercial worldwide
  • $500 commercial (Minnesota media)
  • $750 worldwide web
  • $1,250 all-markets media bundle

Contact for information about use fees for audio-only materials.


Requesting an “access copy” for on-site viewing/listening at the Gale Family Library

Researchers can currently listen to and watch DVDs, VHS, reel-to-reel, cassette, CD, and digital audio formats at the Gale Family Library. In an effort to minimize damage and preserve the materials in our collection, researchers may only use "access copies" and not the original items. If an access copy does not already exist, researchers can request one:

  1. Fill out the online form below
    • There is no cost for an individual access copy
    • Access copies remain the property of the Gale Family Library
    • If you need more than 5 access copies created, please contact the library at (depending on the size and timing of larger requests, a fee may apply)
  2. Library staff will contact you when the access copy is available to view
    • Access copies will be created within 6 weeks, as staff time permits
    • Most access copies can be viewed anytime the library is open
    • KSTP-TV material requires an appointment to view. To make an appointment, contact the library at

Order form for access copy