Student Records from MN State Academy for the Deaf (MSAD)

About the records

The Gale Family Library collection includes a variety of records from the Minnesota School for the Deaf/Minnesota State Academy for the Deaf (MSAD), including student records from approximately 1916 through 2003.

The individual student files may contain public school records, academic progress sheets, photographs, hearing and physical examination reports, interview notes, psychological reports, and correspondence with parents, school districts, and county and state welfare bodies. Before the 1950s, the files are quite thin; many contain only the hearing examination reports. Beginning with the 1950s, the files increase in size and each may contain most of the materials listed above.

Requesting copies of records

If you are a former student who graduated from or left MSAD prior to 2004

If you are a former student who graduated from or left MSAD in 2004 or later

  • Your records are still held by the school.
  • You may request records through the MSAD office by sending a written request signed by the student (if 18 years or older) or the parents (if student is under 18 years of age).

If you want to request copies of someone else’s student records

  • Files dated prior to 1925 are open to researchers at the library. Copies of pre-1925 files can also be ordered through our distance copy request.
  • All records from after 1925 are restricted state archives records.
  • Access to the 1925 to 2003 student records is governed by information privacy laws. Researchers must apply for permission to see and/or copy these materials. For more information, please see the restricted collections section of the about the collections page.