Join us for fun and engaging guided nature hikes for visitors of all ages. Our 45–60 minute hikes include the following topics.

Please note: In case of inclement weather, alternate programs will be available in the visitor center.


Discover dragonflies

Learn about the interesting life cycle of dragonflies and damselflies.

We will find dragonflies in their regular habitats, and learn how to identify them. 


Frogs and toads of Minnesota

Learn about the 14 species of frogs and toads that can be found in Minnesota. We’ll discuss their life cycle and share some fun facts.

After a brief discussion we will head to the water with nets and buckets to see if we can catch some frogs.



What are macroinvertebrates? Where do they live? Why do they matter?

We will answer these questions and more in this hands-on guided hike to the river.

We will collect samples and explore what these little critters could be telling us about our river’s water quality.


Birding 101

Get an introduction to birding including binocular use, how to focus, and how to choose a pair that is right for you. We have plenty of binoculars for visitors to use!

 We will have a quick discussion about bird guide books and then we will head out onto the trails to see what birds we can find.



What is a pollinator and why are they important? What can you do to help provide habitat for pollinators?

We will discuss these topics and more while we get out and try to net some different species so we can take a closer look and identify the various pollinators on the Forest History Center site.



We will give a brief introduction to the history of archery and cover our safety protocols.

You will then be allowed to practice your archery skills with trained staff available throughout the event.