Jeffers Petroglyphs Virtual Tour

Can’t visit us in person? Connect with Jeffers Petroglyphs from the comfort of your own home!

Virtual tour tips

  • To look around, click and hold on the mouse or touchpad. Then move the mouse or a finger on the touchpad to the left, right, up or down to shift the view.
  • To move on to another area, find a circled arrow and place the navigation hand on it. Words will appear describing where it leads. Click on the symbol to proceed.
  • Visitors can also move on to another area by clicking on the thumbnail photos located below the main tour view.
  • Fun facts and notable features are highlighted by an “i” enclosed in a circle.
  • If you don't see the virtual tour, please refresh the page.

Share your feedback

Thank you for taking our virtual tour! We'd like your feedback on your experience. Your responses are anonymous and will help us improve our visitor experience.