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Bridge Resources

The Minnesota Historical Society has located resources in its collections that relate to the I-35W bridge over the Mississippi in Minneapolis.

These are historical documents created before or during construction. For official information about the bridge as it existed prior to the collapse, please contact the Minnesota Department of Transportation.

Film Footage

Archival Footage of the I-35W bridge under construction in 1967 from the Minnesota Deptartment of Transportation records.


Archival photographs from the Minnesota Highway Department

Newspaper Articles

Bridge Plans

Selections from the plans for Bridge 9340 from the files of the Minnesota Dept. of Transportation, Bridge Division:

The plans document the construction (1964-1965) and repair (1977) of Minneapolis' Bridge No. 9340 (the I-35W bridge).

Another set of plans document the construction (1962-1965) and repair (1974-1975) of Saint Paul's Bridge No. 9800 (the Lafayette Road bridge).

Both sets of plans show various aspects of the bridges' construction, including piers, elevations, abutments, scales, drainage, decks, structural steel framing, splices, electrical, railings, expansion joints, trusses, spans, and bearings.

An inventory of both sets of plans is available online or in the MHS Library.


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