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Gay pride button, 1992. Acession No.: 1998.45.17About the Collection
The Minnesota Historical Society began actively documenting the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender (GLBT) community in the early 1970s. Since then, the Collections Department has either added to or identified within its collection more than 200 artifacts that have GLBT association. This collection is destined to grow.

The artifacts in this collection reflect noteworthy events and people, but also the lives of ordinary people. Artifacts range from a guerilla theater costume used in a Twin Cities demonstration against a meeting of the Berean League in the 1980s to a business card from the local office of ACT UP. The collection includes dozens of buttons, promoting political campaigns and causes and celebrating or commemorating community events. A singular artifact in the collection is the symbolic "stone wall" erected at the State Capitol in 1989 during the "Stonewall to St. Paul: Celebrating the Struggle" rally.

The objects from the GLBT Collection represent a sample of the broad spectrum of items that will be available and are now accessible through the library catalog. Each description contains a link to an image of the object.

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Photograph copies of the objects may be ordered by submitting a Photograph Order form to the Society's Collections Department. Permission and license to use photographic reproductions is granted via a Request for Permission form and may involve a use fee for commercial use. Please check the Artifact Collection price list for other available services as well as current pricing.