Our Home: Native Minnesota Video Transcript


Kate Beane: For a long time our histories were often told by others. We've always told our own stories but they weren't always heard.

Rita Walaszek Arndt: This exhibit is important because it's a place for everybody to come and learn more about the Dakota and Ojibwe communties in Minnesota.

Mattie Harper DeCarlo: Telling it from a Native perspective we ended up challenging a lot of common assumptions and really bringing the Native voice forward.

Rita Walaszek Arndt: It's a way for a larger population of Minnesota to come here to learn about Native people and to dispel some of the stereotypes that people might have heard.

Ben Gessner: We are trying to show ways that people were active in making choices, having agency.

Kate Beane: We have the ability to elevate the voices of each other and tell our own stories.

girl: I'm right here.

woman: There you are!