Photography Policy

Bring your cameras! From the grand views to the historic nooks and crannies, there are so many moments to capture at Mill City Museum.

As part of our Covid-19 response, Mill City Museum prohibits professional, portrait photography in the museum’s indoor spaces. This ban is a temporary measure to reduce congestion and ensure mask-wearing   

For amateur photographers and professional photographers in the museum’s outdoor spaces, we welcome photography with the following restrictions:

  • Photography must be personal in its end use, such as photos for graduations, engagements, or families. We cannot guarantee that the museum can accommodate groups larger than 6. Please contact us in advance to inquire about large group photoshoots. 
  • Commercial photo shoots require written permission in advance of the shoot date. Same-day permission is never available. 
  • All museum spaces, including outdoor parts of the property, are only available while the museum is open to the public.
  • Photography may not interfere with the operation of the museum and may not block or restrict visitors from moving through the museum and café. No door, exit, or entrance can be blocked at any time. The loading dock is off limits.
  • Freestanding equipment of any kind is not allowed. Decor, clothing changes, or other preparations are also prohibited. Mill CIty Museum will not be responsible for personal items.
  • Behavior and dress must be consistent with a family-friendly atmosphere. 
  • The building is a recognized landmark on the National Register of Historic Places, and all photography must be consistent with the preservation mission of the Minnesota Historical Society. Sitting in the window wells, moving furniture, disrupting signage, or climbing museum fixtures is not allowed. Nothing can be adhered to the windows or walls. 
  • The museum gallery, offices, and education lobby are off limits without advanced permission. 
  • Outdoor spaces (such as the courtyard, balcony, and train shed) may be off limits due to snow, ice, or inclement weather. 

Mill City Museum staff is the final authority on acceptable behavior in the museum. If a staff member asks you to alter or end your photo shoot, you are expected to do so immediately. 

If you have valued your use of the space, please consider making a donation to help preserve this National Historic Landmark. You can make a donation at the Visitor Services Desk or in our donation box at the top of the gallery stairs. 

If you have any questions about photography at Mill City Museum, please contact: Katherine Mayer, Visitor Services Manager |