St. Anthony Falls: The birthplace of Minneapolis

The story of Minneapolis begins at the Falls of St. Anthony, the only true waterfall on the Mississippi River. This waterfall was transformed from a beautiful and sacred site to an engine that powered the city and the region. Today St. Anthony Falls is the center of a thriving Minneapolis Riverfront District, where past and present combine to create a new destination for recreation and commerce.

The St. Anthony Falls Heritage Board has been a key part of making this latest transformation possible. Created in 1988, the St. Anthony Falls Heritage Board is a diverse group of public and private officials charged with promoting interpretation and preservation of the historic Minneapolis central riverfront. The story of this remarkable waterfall and its city is still unfolding, and the Board is dedicated to telling that story for generations to come. See board member list.


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The Minneapolis Riverfront District includes many examples of 19th century architecture, recent historic preservation. Today, it is a charming neighborhood of rehabilitated historic homes and historic industrial buildings that have been preserved for new uses. See Things to See & Do.