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Letters to the Local Paper

By: Lori Williamson | WW1 Daybook | September 18, 2018

In this short letter to his sister, Ruth, Paul Thompson mentions that he and the other YMCA secretaries had been urged to write letters to a newspaper from their home towns about the work of the YMCA. The newspaper that Paul chose was the Ripon Press, though he sent the letter to several Minneapolis papers as well. Thompson even sent copies to other family members in the event they wish to forward it to newspapers to spread his statement that he had submitted.


35th Letter
Roma, li 18 Sept, 1918
Dear Ruth,
This week to my surprise a letter arrived asking each secretary to write a letter to at least one home paper about the work of the YMCA and I at once took advantage of it. I wrote a letter to the Ripon Press and sent the three dailies of Minneapolis a translation of the clipping in Il Tempo [...] I care especially about the Rippon paper and if it don't appear I suggest that you write them and send them a copy of the statement as my letter might get lost. [...]
In haste,
Paul J. Thompson

Paul Thompson Papers. Minnesota Historical Society, St. Paul, Minnesota. A/T475 4/19-8/19