History Matters


Save the Date — History Matters Day at the Capitol

History Matters

History Matters Day at the Capitol is Thursday March 8th, 2018. Details and registration to come.

History at the 2017 Legislative Session

The main focus of the 2017 legislative session was to set the state’s budget for the coming two years. Thanks to the Minnesota Legislature and Governor Dayton, history and MNHS will receive strong funding over the next biennium.

History accomplishments from the 2017 legislative session:

  • $4 million for design work for the Historic Fort Snelling Revitalization from the capital investment or “bonding” bill .
  • An increase in MNHS operating funding and one-time funds for digital preservation and access.
  • Strong funding for history from the Legacy Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund.

Why You Should Speak Up for Minnesota History

Regardless of the state's economic situation, it's important not to lose sight of MNHS' and other history organizations’ value to all Minnesotans. Legislators and the governor need to hear from voters that funding MNHS and history education and preservation programs is a good use of tax dollars.

Whenever you speak up for history, you're making a difference. Effective ways to speak up:

  • Send a message to your State Representative and Senator and the Governor
  • Visit your representative in person
  • Invite your legislator to visit your historic site or museum, particularly for special events
  • Write a personal letter to your representative
  • Call your representative
  • Write a letter to the editor of your local newspaper
  • Tell your friends and colleagues
  • Use social media to spread the word about the importance of history