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History Matters

Take Action: Speak Up for History!

History Matters

You can be an advocate for history in a few easy clicks. Contact your state legislators through our Legislative Action Center. It can help you find out who your legislators are, and directly connect you with them by email, phone, or even Twitter.

Or, if you prefer to make a phone call or write a letter, find out who your legislators are.

Historic Fort Snelling2015 Legislative Session: The History Agenda

The 2015 Legislative Session convened on January 6, 2015. The major activity for this year’s session will be to complete a budget for the upcoming two year budget period. For history fans, this includes:

Why You Should Speak Up for Minnesota History

State funding helps MNHS preserve and share history statewide, through sites and museums, educational programming and our website.

Regardless of the state's economic situation, it's important not to lose sight of MNHS' value to all Minnesotans. Legislators and the governor need to hear from voters that funding MNHS educational and preservation program is a good use of tax dollars.

Whenever you speak up for history, you're making a difference. Effective ways to speak up:

  • Send a message to your representative
  • Visit your representative in person
  • Write a personal letter to your representative
  • Call your representative
  • Write a letter to the editor of your local newspaper
  • Tell your friends and colleagues
  • Use social media to spread the word about the importance of history