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The Minnesota Historical Society has been preserving and sharing content since 1849 — nine years before Minnesota's statehood. This set of content-rich projects represents current and recent efforts to develop and share historical resources online.

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These resources cover a broad range of topics and information.


A resource for reliable information about significant people, places, events and things in Minnesota history.

True North: Mapping Minnesota's History

An educational Geographic Information System (GIS) with more than 250 digital map layers and direct links to related historic resources.

Collections Up Close

Fascinating items from MNHS collections, presented through blog posts, videos and more.

MNHS Press Books

MNHS Press Books

The Minnesota Historical Society Press publishes books on the history, art and culture of the Upper Midwest.

This Day in Minnesota History

A chronological compendium of remarkable and curious events in the history of the North Star State.

Minnesota History Magazine

A lively, richly illustrated magazine published quarterly by the Minnesota Historical Society Press. Find issues and articles dating back to 1915.

History Roulette

A game of chance, an impossible time machine, a historical mashup generator and a fun way to enter MNHS collections.

Single Theme

These projects focus on specific themes and concepts.

Hmong in Minnesota

MNHS resources about the history and culture of Minnesota’s Hmong people.

The U.S.-Dakota War of 1862

A resource for learning about the war, its causes and its far-reaching consequences.

10,000 Books Blog

A Minnesota Historical Society Press blog highlighting new publications, awards, events and other news.

The Seven Council Fires

An overview of Dakota, Lakota and Nakota cultural objects that can be found in the Minnesota Historical Society’s historical artifacts collection.

21A — Right on Lake Street

A trip through the heart and history of Minneapolis' most vibrant neighborhood.

Walter F. Mondale Collection

The extensive Mondale Papers document the Vice President's career, life and family.

Minnesota and the Civil War

A starting place for exploration of the rich and complex history of Minnesota's involvement in the U.S. Civil War.

A Look into Fort Snelling's Past

A graphic visualization of life at Fort Snelling based on primary sources, including ledger book data and weather and mail records.

Minnesota Author Biographies

Maud Hart Lovelace, Sinclair Lewis, F. Scott Fitzgerald and many other Minnesota authors are featured in this extensive resource.

Governors of Minnesota

Portraits and biographies about all of Minnesota's governors. Also includes first ladies, the governor's residence and much more.

Hibbing, Red Wing and St. Anthony

Explore the fascinating histories of three towns in Minnesota. Primary sources expose you to the hidden treasures of the past.

Duluth Lynchings

Background, details and historical documents relating to the tragic events of June 15, 1920.

Dakota Language and Grammar

This collection of fun and informative lessons provides numerous entry points for Dakota language learners.

In Honor of the People

A Minnesota Historical Society/Science Museum of Minnesota collaboration exploring American Indian culture in the Bishop Whipple collections held by both institutions.

The Battle Flags of Minnesota

From the battlefields to the displays in the Capitol rotunda, the flags used in the Civil, U.S.-Dakota and Spanish-American wars have been honored and cherished relics for generations of visitors, and each has a special story to tell.

Minnesota Territory

Activities and stories about Minnesota in the years before it became a state.

Forests, Fields and the Falls

Explore the stories of four real people who worked in Minnesota's lumber camps, sawmills, farms and flour mills.

Your Stories

Historical information comes from people like you. These projects tell — and in many cases gather — the stories of people from Minnesota and beyond.

Becoming Minnesotan: Recent Immigrants and Refugees

A collection of oral histories that represents a unique source of contemporary history through the experiences of the newest Americans, in their own words.

Stories of Minnesota's Greatest Generation

Stories by and about remarkable people who grew up during the Depression, came of age during World War II and participated in the post-war boom.

Transitions: University Avenue

Student-produced stories of elders, business owners and residents affected by the Central Corridor Light Rail Transit project.


Enjoy learning from others' stories or share the history of houses, buildings, farmsteads, public land, neighborhoods or any place to which you have a personal connection.

Sharing Community Stories

People of all ages across the state share personal community-based stories. Creative partners helped produce lasting works inspired by those stories.

MN150 Wiki

In 2008, the MN150 exhibit and this online resource documented responses to a question: What person, place, thing or event originating in Minnesota do you think has transformed our state, our country or the world?