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WW1 Project Volunteers

By: Rebekah Bjork | March 24, 2017

Four volunteers, Ginny, Jean, Nicole, and Sara, are working with the Digital Collections Services department to get the Gold Star Roll ready for the public. These volunteers have been processing raw scans, matching them up with the original index, and getting them ready to be viewed by the public electronically.

The Gold Star Roll was mailed to families during WW1 about service members who died during the war, and families would send back pictures, letters, and memorials about their fallen soldiers. Before, if someone wanted to view these records, they would have to come in-person to find it or pay a researcher to do so on their behalf. With the help of Ginny, Jean, Nicole, and Sara, these records will be available on People Finder, electronically, within the next couple of months!

Another project these volunteers are working on is processing WW1 Military Service Questionnaires. These were sent to soldiers right out of service. The volunteers have been able to read the personal responses and stories, and have really valued the personal connections they have developed while reading them.

Ginny, Jean, Nicole, and Sara will work on the WW1 Military Service Questionnaires on an ongoing basis, as well as processing Civil War records, tax records, and naturalization records.

Submitted by Sarah Barsness 03/24/2017

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