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Jerome Hill Paintings


Jerome Hill was an energetic and versatile artist who used his financial resources to develop and fund fellow artists.

Celebrate the 100th anniversary of the birth of artist and philanthropist Jerome Hill. The grandson of James J. Hill and son of Louis W. Hill, who both maintained large collections of world-class art, Jerome Hill was fascinated and inspired by these paintings and began painting and drawing at an early age. He spent his formative years in St. Paul on Summit Avenue, next door to his grandfather's house, and attended Saint Paul Academy. Upon graduation from Yale in 1927 with a degree in music, Hill traveled to Europe and began studies in painting. In his lifetime, Hill also became an accomplished photographer, composer and an award-winning filmmaker.

Jerome Hill: Beyond the Frame is an exhibit at the James J. Hill House explores the painting and photography of Jerome Hill. Open through January 8, 2006.

Image of 16 Sweet Williams by Jerome Hill, about 1965

16 Sweet Williams
Among the more than 300 oil paintings Jerome Hill completed in the decade before his death in 1972 are dozens of still lifes that examine the temporaral nature and sensual beauty of flowers and fruit.

Image of The Terrace with White Watering Can by Jerome Hill, 1967

The Terrace with White Watering Can
This painting, typical of the work in the exhibition, Jerome Hill: Beyond the Frame, depicts film editor and project assistant Julia Knowlton. Hill often included members of his family and close friends in his work.

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An exhibit at the James J. Hill House through Jan. 8, 2006

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