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PostcardWith its origins in the 1870s, the history of the postcard parallels the history of Minnesota. It comes as no surprise that much of our history is beautifully documented pictorially on the front of the postcard. Every postcard tells a story and can inform us about who we are as Minnesotans.

After an extensive review of the more than 17,000 postcards in the collection the Minnesota Historical Society, five major themes emerged for this exhibition. These themes best represent the state’s history, having the widest geographic and chronological distribution. They are:

  • Minnesota’s Main Streets,
  • The Twin Cities,
  • Minnesota on the Move,
  • Minnesota for Sale,
  • Minnesota Getaways.

Several smaller, special topics also emerged and are featured in the exhibition, including Lumbering, Mining, Twin Cities Festivals and Charles Lincoln Merryman: Postcard Photographer.

“Greetings! A Pictorial History of Minnesota through the Postcard” is on exhibit at the James J. Hill House through September, 2007.

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