The MN150 Wiki no longer exists in its original format.

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What was the MN150 Wiki?

In 2008, in celebration of the 150th anniversary of Minnesota statehood, the Minnesota History Center's MN150 exhibit, the Minnesota 150 book, and this online resource documented responses to a question: What person, place, thing, or event originating in Minnesota do you think has transformed our state, our country, or the world?

Related Resources

The Internet Archive Wayback Machine. Experience the MN150 Wiki as it was originally presented.

Minnesota 150: The People, Places, and Things that Shape Our State (Book)
A fabulous showcase of the individuals, events, and inventions that have made Minnesota.

MNopedia (Online Resource)
Minnesota's official encyclopedia is a free and growing resource, and it covers many of the same topics found in the MN150 Wiki.

LibGuides (Online Resource)
Subject guides, how-tos, and other useful resources for researchers using the Minnesota Historical Society's Gale Family Library.