Labor leader (Duluth, Minn.) 1917  Browse the title

Truth (Duluth, Minn.) 1917-1923  Browse the title

Irish felon (Duluth, Minn.) 1919  Browse the title

The Labor Leader, the official organ of the Socialist Party of Duluth, Minnesota, was published weekly between May 1, 1917 and October 5, 1917, when it was continued by the Truth.

The Truth, the official organ of the Socialist parties of Duluth, Minnesota and Superior, Wisconsin was published weekly between October 12, 1917 and April 13, 1923, when it ceased publication.

Irish Felon was a single-issue supplement to the Truth of Duluth, Minn. published on April 20, 1919 to commemorate the third anniversary of the 1916 Irish rebellion.