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Immigration Resources Online

By: Shana Crosson | Tech Tips | January 31, 2017

Are you looking for resources about immigration?  The theme of immigration runs through Northern Lights, from the fur traders in Chapter 5, the Swedish farmers in Chapter 7, the Finns to the Iron Range in Chapter 12 to current immigration trends in Chapter 20. 

Here are a few places to find additional online resources about this topic.

Screenshot of Animated Map Shows History of Immigration to the US

13 Maps and Charts

Geoawesomeness compiled a series of maps and charts that visualize the history of immigration into the United States over time. Data includes country of origin, unemployment rates, jobs and more.

Screenshot of The Uprooted

The Uprooted

The Uprooted is a site with integrated maps, charts and visuals about the current refugee crisis.

Screenshot of Immigration Syllabus


The University of Minnesota’s Immigration History Research Center launched the #ImmigrationSyllabus with resources to “help the public understand the deep historical roots of today’s immigration debates.” While many of the resources are not at a 6th grade reading level, there are some excellent interactive web resources and primary source depositories listed in the Multimedia sections.

Screenshot of Two Centuries of Immigration

Two Centuries of American Immigration

Watch 200 years of American immigration history in an animated map. Each colored dot represents 10,000 people.